Thursday, January 19, 2012

The When and Wheres

This week, the husband received his official invitation to teach an intro physics class at Hue University. The class will run from March 19 to April 15. We'll likely leave here on March 12 or 13, stopping in Seattle for at least dinner with younger son. The husband would like to have a few free days in Hue before he starts teaching so that he can prepare some class demos that were lacking the last time he did this. When the class is over in April, our plan is to fly to Perth, Australia, for some time--perhaps a week? we're still planning--with some quilting friends I have there. I have another quilting friend in Melbourne, Australia, so the plan is to visit her as well before we head home around the first of May.

Reservations have yet to be made, and visas (for both Vietnam and Oz) have yet to be obtained, but planning is in full mode, as you can see elsewhere in my blogosphere.