Sunday, April 8, 2012


The last three days have been a blur what with suddenly becoming a "foreign delegation" from the University of Virginia to the 55th anniversary celebration of the Hue University College of Education (the unit in which the Advanced Program in Physics resides). There was also a 55th anniversary celebration for the Physics Department. I have photos selected for a blog post about those. And last night was the opening ceremony for Hue Festival 2012. That's another post with some photos that I hope will show just how amazing the ceremony was. In the meantime, I'll knock off the easy blog post, this one. All the background you need (or will get). Friday night we attended a performance night celebrating the College's 55th anniversary. As members of a foreign delegation, we had front-row seats. Unlike the previous day's performance, I knew what was coming and took my DSLR in addition to my point-and-shoot. I gave myself the challenge of trying to get some good face shots. Here, without further adieu, are the ones I like the most.

If you've gotten this far, I'll share the story behind the last two faces. Both came from the same musical number featuring a bunch of women. I shot the top one, of the woman in white, and as I lowered the camera saw the look on the bottom woman's face. Figuring that she didn't think the other woman deserving of a solo, I quickly snapped a shot of her, hoping to capture the "if looks could kill, honey, you'd be toast" look. I think I succeeded.

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