Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Walk with Me

Take a walk with me, for just 30 minutes here late this morning, to the right down the street that runs in front of our hotel. It's a busy street,
though there are a lot of scooters parked as well.
There are a lot of small shops, permanent and temporary, that sell any number of things. Some sell plants and flowers.
Others sell office supplies and ID card holders. Some sell any number of small things, and many of these are eyecatchingly colorful.
There are any number of food establishments and vendors.

Food establishments and vendors mean that lots of people are eating.
Some people play cards. Others repair bicycles or get their bicycles repaired. Some go through the trash looking for recyclables and food scraps. Some people visit the street barber and leave with their black hair looking spiff. Eventually, the activity on the street fades, as you approach what? An abandoned school? The barbed wire offers a number of photographic options. When you tire of these, you turn around and head back into it all, returning to the hotel to meet your husband for lunch.

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Thank you for this tour! I felt I was walking with you. I wish I could have heard the sounds and smelled the smells, too ... but am appreciative of this taste of your environs.