Saturday, March 24, 2012

Colo(u)r My World

The husband has gone to Thien Mu Pagoda with the German professor who departs tomorrow and some Vietnamese students. Because the trip there is in an open boat on the river, it is quite cool today, and I visited Thien Mu three years ago and have three more weeks in which to visit it again, I elected to stay inside and try to bid my "airplane cold" farewell. In lieu of lengthy verbiage, I offer a smattering of some of the colo(u)r of the last week and a half.

Free-range thread at the embroidery workshop

Thread captured in an image

Fire hydrant on Tran Hung Dao

Sidewalk altar on Tran Hung Dao

Flower in park beside Perfume River

Detail from sculpture in park beside Perfume River

Bicycle storefront

Natural History Museum

Storefront near Citadel

Flower in park beside Perfume River

Detail from sign on Tran Hung Dao

Coconuts at Dong Ba Market

Watermelons at Dong Ba Market

Peppers at Dong Ba Market

Eggplants (I think) at Dong Ba Market

Limes (or possibly green oranges as mentioned in a comment below) at Dong Ba Market

Van outside Dong Ba Market


Jayne said...

What a vibrant, beautiful montage you have given us! Hope the cold is soon gone!

Steve said...

Are you sure those are limes? Don't forget the green oranges we saw last time.