Monday, March 19, 2012

A Few Loose Ends

The husband wanted to see the embroidery workshop, so I took him there after lunch. He was suitably amazed. And I discovered a corner of the gallery that I missed last time and that included this work-in-progress. After yesterday's explanation of the Imperial City sitting inside the larger Citadel, I noticed a different map today that referred to what I thought was the Imperial City as the Citadel. Intrigued, I consulted my good friend the Google and chose this explanation as the best because of its Vietnamese source. The gist is that there are three citadels. The outermost is what I was calling "the Citadel." The Vietnamese tourism website refers to this one as the "Capital Citadel." Inside that, the "Royal Citadel" contains the Imperial City. Finally, the innermost "Forbidden Citadel" is inside the Imperial City and contains the Forbidden Purple City which was reserved for the Emperor and his family.

I set out today wanting to look in on a place younger son made a special trip to photograph, a hobbity sort of place in which an altar had been positioned within the base of a tree along one of the main streets.
On the way there, I passed some men loading chunks of rubble onto a raft. On my return, they'd finished and were starting to ferry the chunks over to the construction site at which they were needed. I'm assuming they made it; at least, I didn't hear sounds indicating that they didn't as I walked away. Continuing on my way back, I played the game of going down any street that looked interesting, keeping the general direction in which the hotel sat in mind. Among other things, I found a display that reminded me of younger son's girlfriend and a bar that reminded me of several people I've known. There were also some girls playing a game that resembled jacks though not with the metal jacks we used to use. Later, on the way back from lunch and the embroidery workshop, the husband and I watched some marching practice. I also managed to accomplish today's thing that scared me which was crossing a street, well, not just any street. There was an island in the middle, at which I stopped to take some photos. Here, I'm looking down the street before turning around to look up the street. I also took the views to either side.
Finally, I have to wonder if Arnold's ever made any money off this deal. I need to check my photos from three years ago. I don't remember being at the spot at which I shot that photo, but I seem to remember taking a shot then of Arnold on some other sign. Popular fellow, that Arnold.


Terri said...

great photos Jean. That embroidery is amazing!

Debi said...

Okay, all caught up on your posts...eager for a new batch. :D Sounds like you're having a marvelous time.